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TRU Inspections Offer

Buyer or Pre-Purchase Inspection

This is the best way to become fully informed about the home you are buying. You have a unique opportunity to participate in the process of inspection to become more familiar with complex life support systems in the house.

Seller or Pre-Listing Inspection

Having the home inspected prior to placing it on the market is the smart way to avoid unwanted surprises that may be associated with issues discovered during your buyer’s inspection. You stay in total control and have the flexibility to deal with issues if they are found earlier.

Peace of Mind or Maintenance inspection

It is a good idea to periodically check the condition of your house and its mechanical and structural elements. You may want to identify any existing and potential problems before they intensify and create the basis for unplanned expenses, sometimes significant.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

PDI will help you identify defects and problems in the new home, complete a 30-day warranty form and work with the builder to correct the defects. New homes are evaluated according to the Performance Guidelines of the Tarion Warranty Program in addition to the regular home inspections standards of practice.

Post-Delivery warranty inspection: First and Second Year

Ontario New Home Warranty program recommends having all new homes to be inspected before their first- and second-year anniversaries. These inspections will provide you with a report that can greatly simplify the completion of your one- and two-year warranty forms. Having your home inspected by a professional inspector with help to identify problems that are still covered by the warranty and can be fixed by the builder.

Aerial roof Inspection with drone

The most advanced modern aerial technology provides unparalleled quality and level of details of the condition of the roofs of any height and building materials. Did you know that only about 30% of roofs can be physically inspected due to their accessibility, slope angle and fragility of roofing materials? RPAS (drone) technology allows us to inspect any type of roof with the highest possible quality within a reasonable time.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections

An advanced, non-invasive technology that allows identifying things not normally seen by an inspector and can’t be revealed using conventional inspection methods. Thermal imaging identifies missing or insufficient insulation, air leaks, electrical issues, such as overheated wires and devices, HVAC issues, insects and rodents’ presence and much more.

Imaging Moisture inspection

An advanced technology, similar to Infrared Thermal inspection allows to visually identify areas in the building with increased moisture levels and then take more precise measurements using the contact method.

Air Quality Inspection

Instrumental whole-home measurement of Air quality and pollution levels for Formaldehyde (HCHO), Total organic volatile compounds (TVOC), dust particulates (PM2,5), relative humidity, and temperature.

Radon Screening

Welcome to our premier radon screening service powered by Radon Eye technology. Radon poses serious health risks when undetected, and our service ensures the safety of your home and loved ones. With Radon Eye, our state-of-the-art radon detection system, we provide accurate and reliable measurements in real-time, allowing us to promptly identify and address any radon issues. Our service features precise data delivery through a user-friendly interface or dedicated mobile app.

Residential Pool & Spa inspection

If you are purchasing or own a home with a swimming pool – it is a good idea to inspect its condition with the convenience of an overall Home Inspection by a certified Home/Pool Inspector. We will carefully examine the condition of the pool’s surfaces and elements such as diving boards and decks. Safety compliance is verified according to local standards. We will inspect the pool’s equipment, such as a heater, pumps, filters, chemical feeder, and plumbing, and provide a comprehensive professional report as a part of an overall Home Inspection report, or separately.

Commercial inspection

You are a proud owner of the commercial franchise, a new medical office, or purchasing an apartment building? Get your new property inspected by the TRU professionals – we perform light commercial inspections of a wide variety of multi-unit and mixed-use buildings, such as apartments, restaurants, spas, offices, clinics, and others. Please call us to discuss the details and obtain a customized quote for the inspection of your new property.


Rates depend on the Type of Property

TRU Inspections Flat Rate ServicesStandard Plus Package* (see details below)
Includes Comprehensive Home Inspection plus: Aerial roof (drone) inspection**, Infrared/Thermal scan, Infrared Moisture imaging, Air Quality check
Detached House$490
Semi-Detached or End Unit Townhouse$460
Mid-Unit Townhouse$430
High/Low-Rise Condominium$390
Residential Pool & Spa Inspection (with/without Home Inspection)$200 / $400
CommercialCustomized Quote
Please Call Us
Radon Screening$30

*Rates for homes up to 2000 sq.ft. Each additional 100 sq.ft. over 2000 sq.ft. is an additional $10
*HST is not included
*Homes over 40 years old: add $50
*Multiple family/unit dwelling: add $150 for each additional unit
*Travel fees: from $50 depending on the distance

*Rates are subject to change without notice
**If required

Got Questions?

We Answer!

A Home Inspection is a non-intrusive visual examination of the major components and systems of the house. These include Exterior, Roofing, Structure, Plumbing, Heating/Air Conditioning/Ventilation, Interior, Attic and Insulation.

As the result of the Inspection, during the next 24 hours you will receive a detailed report with high-quality images of every finding, defect or maintenance item. The report will help you make the best decision possible. If you are buying, we recommend keeping the Inspection report as a reference book and a to-do list.

In accordance to the regulations, a Home Inspection is not intended to provide any warranty or serve as an appraisal. The inspector is trained to visually identify the defects and recommend an action or further evaluation.

The Home Inspection process usually takes two to three hours depending on size, age and condition of the house.

Having your house inspected means protecting your largest investment from unwanted surprises, giving you a peace of mind and more control over the process of selling or buying the property. It will also protect your pocketbook and provide an extra protection for the health of your family. Any house, no matter how old it is, can have dozens of defects, most of them invisible for untrained eye.

Absolutely. There is no direct connection between the age of the house and the number of defects or problems. Newer homes often perform worse than older ones, depending on various conditions and build quality.

The most popular and frequent type is a pre-purchase inspection. This inspection is typically conducted after a purchase contract is signed and is a part of conditional acceptance of the deal.

The next popular type is seller inspection or pre-listing inspection, conducted when you want to sell your home without unpleasant surprises.

Almost all new home buyers are ordering PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection), and, consequently, one- and two-year warranty inspections of their new homes.

Maintenance inspection is also highly recommended for all home owners to help them maintain their home in a good working condition.

There is no requirement for the customer to be present during the time of inspection; however, we highly recommend to participate and proactively ask questions to learn how your home works.  This knowledge is essential for further maintenance of the house and can be leveraged in negotiations with contractors when you decide to do further improvements and renovations.

Get familiar with sample documents

This section is designed for the Customer’s understanding and pre-approval of TRU Inspections Agreement and Sample Report review.
The Agreement must be signed by both Customer and TRU Inspections;
Sample Report must be reviewed by the Customer prior to the commencement of an inspection.

About Us

Working in the industry since 2004, and being a graduate from the Construction University with M. Sc. in Civil Engineering,  I bring more than 20 years of experience in construction and engineering. I am a Registered Home Inspector (RHI) with Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) and a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) with International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). I have graduated and certified from Carson Dunlop School of Home Inspection and InterNACHI School of Home Inspectors. I’m constantly in the process of enhancing professional knowledge, taking additional courses and learning new techniques that enable me to work with cutting edge equipment and technologies.

Professional Certified (CPI) and Registered Home Inspector (RHI)
Customer oriented
Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Professionally executed and well-documented inspections
Hi-End Equipment
User-friendly high-quality electronic report
Thermal / Moisture Imaging / Air Quality inspections
Fully Insured
Extended hours of operation / Evenings and Weekends
Anton Pranov Home Inspector
Anton Pranov, RHI, CPI, M. Sc. Civil Eng.
Owner and President of TRU Inspections, Certified/Registered Home Inspector

Our qualifications are confirmed
by professional organizations

People About TRU Inspections

As a first time home buyer, there is a lot about the process that you don’t know. Always choose the best service providers to work with. Anton is professional, accommodating, courteous and very thorough. He takes his time to do his work right and in my case saved me from making a very costly mistake. I used Anton’s services twice in the last couple of month’s and have recommended him to two of my friends already.

Emiliano Omeri

Anton did an outstanding job inspecting a commercial space for us. We are certainly satisfied with his professional service and comprehensive report for us to rely on. Anton has perfected every aspect of his work. He also sent us a link for an action list that our real estate agent could easily work on. Thank you! Our agent said he will choose Anton to inspect his clients’ property from now on. Great testimonial for an excellent job!

Zhu Mengqi

Anton is the best of the best. We had such a wonderful experience with Anton, and we highly recommend him. We will definitely recommend him to all our family and friends who need a home inspection. Anton is very knowledgeable and informative, and he addressed all our concerns and questions with expertise, care, and patience. He is very detail-oriented, and his inspection is very thorough. He took his time to explain everything to us, uses modern technology, and the inspection report has so many details & helpful references.

Irene Cho

Anton is one of the best guy in the business. He walked us thru all the corners of the house. Explained each and every aspects of the house. He answered all questions we asked and gave a reasonable explanation The report was very helpful for both us as a buyers of a property. He was incredibly thorough and professional. I would definitely recommend Anton for house inspection. Hands down the best in the business!

Harshil Mahuvagara

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